Based in the swiss Alps, in canton Valais near Zermatt, Switzerlove is a 100% feminine company. Even our designs were made by women illustrators. 


This is the story of an employee and her boss who worked together, sharing ideas in the Digital Marketing field. We both shared the desire to create something aiming to promote our beautiful country.

After having seen too many bad souvenir shops in Switzerland we wanted to make something modern that you wouldn't be ashamed to show once you are back home. Because Switzerland is not only about ugly red and black cow mugs and magnets.


This is how Switzerlove came into our mind in 2019 and was concretised by its website launching in January 2020. 

Aware of the environnement issues, we produce only on demand so we don't waste material. We also ship whether from Europe or US depending on where the order goes.



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